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If you have any questions, need to get in touch with our press team, or need a customized consultancy, send us a message through the form nearby. See some of the options that our experts can help with:

What are the unique factors and advantages?

More data harnessing

New cross-referencing of data and deep analyses to detail as much as possible your company's goal in the gamer segment. Foundation on analyses and numbers that empower the strategic decisions.

Gaming Experts

Knowledge and experience in the application of the main pillars that make up the games industry, such as Game Marketing, Gamification, and Game Development.

Customized support

Professionals who directly participate in the PGB process with experience in the whole ecosystem of games and eSports to support and direct strategically your business actions.

Ongoing support

We offer consultancy and monitoring so your company can leverage the research data even more, with management planned and coordinated with your business.

How does the consultancy work?

1. Heuristic Analysis

Definition of the business’s goals, market analysis, and tactical guidance for a plan of action.

2. Workshop

Presentation, co-creation of strategies, trends, and insights developed through frameworks such as Double Diamond, Octalysis, Ikigai, or another one that suits your needs.

3. Solutions

Content production, operation, coordination, and monitoring of actions, as well as browsable prototypes, which simulate the deliveries and experiences of the proposal.

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