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What will you find on
the free version of the PGB?

The PGB presents an enormous amount of data and analyses, some of them being fundamental to the knowledge about the behavior of digital game players.

Therefore, some data related to the profile of these players, such as a consumption, expenses, frequency, and preferred platforms are available for free access. Moreover, the information of general interest, such as the impact of the pandemic and other topics can also be found in this version of the PGB.

Here are all the steps to download

1. Choose the year of the PGB Report

We provide the data of the last four years of the PGB for reading and downloading.

2. Access the download page

Once you click Download, you will be redirected to an exclusive page of the selected edition.

3. Enter your data

It is necessary to enter some data, such as your name, e-mail address, phone, company, and work field.

4. Submit the form and wait

After the data is sent, you will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail. Check your spam folder if you do not see it.

5. Receive the confirmation by e-mail

Through this e-mail, you will be able to click on the download button. Check your permissions and your pop-up blockers.

6. Download the Report

The file is available in .zip and .pdf formats. Check your permissions and your pop-up blockers.

Download here your Free PGB Report

Report PGB 2023





América Latina (Brasil, México, Argentina, Colômbia, Chile, Peru)

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